Tooway, real high-speed Internet available everywhere

Tooway 40

High speed internet day and night,
now for all your family usage

Tooway 40
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40 GB / month
And unlimited at night

Tooway 40 is perfect for a family of daily internet users, with the need to download music or videos.

With the unlimited usage at night, tooway 40 give the whole family the confort of a high speed connection at all times and for everybody.

Assess your needs

Experience real fast broadband and don't worry about your consumption

Several devices connected

Watching videos

Fast upload and download of files

Be able to telephone in VoIP

* Maximum speed. It may vary over time and be lower particularly during periods of high network traffic.
22 Mbit/s
Tooway 40

Access high-speed Internet by satellite
with the tooway kit and the package that fits your needs!

A tooway kit is the best equipment solution, with:
• real high-speed Internet receiving up to 22 Mbit/s* and sending up to 6 Mbit/s*,
• a small parabolic antenna,
• a modem.
You may lease or buy the tooway kit. It will be delivered to your home and you can install it yourself or have it installed by a professional.

40 GB / month
of usage

High-speed Internet up to
22 Mbit/s* in reception
6 Mbit/s* in emission

Unlimited at night

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tooway is the high-speed Internet solution by EUTELSAT,
leader in telecommunication by satellite and the third largest
operator in the world.
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Peak Rate
Maximum speed, expressed in megabits per second. This speed may vary over time and be lower particularily during periods of high network traffic.

Monthly Allowance
Volume of data included in your monthly subscription, expressed in gigabytes (transmission + reception).

tooway kit
To use the service, you need to have a connection kit supporting Eutelsat KA-SAT 9° East satellite. The Satellite Kit is available for purchase or lease for the duration of your subscription. In the latter case it remains the sole and exclusive property of Eutelsat.

See the conditions applied by our authorised distributors.

VOIP telephony
Our authorized distributors may offer phone services using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) through the tooway connection. For prices refer to the specific conditions of each distributor.

Prices are expressed VAT included, unless otherwise stated. You may choose the tooway service that best suits your needs through our network of authorized distributors. The Prices shown on this website are based upon the regular observation of the market prices determined by each distributor. For exact prices please contact the commercial service of this tooway website (if applicable) or contact your local distributor(list of distributors available on "Our Distributors" page).

Reduced Peak rate
Once you reach the volume of data (Gigabytes) included in your subscription (total upload+download), your speed will be limited to 256 Kbit/s download and 256 Kbit/s upload, until the reset date of your offer, without interrupting your connection.

Upload Volume threshold
Above 8 GB of upload volume consumption, maximum upload peak rate is up to 3Mbit/s.

Night Zone
From midnight to 6am (local time) your internet traffic will not consume the data allowance of your tooway package.

Network management policy
To provide each subscriber with a “fair share” of the network capacity, traffic management practices designed to prevent any subscriber from placing a disproportionate demand on network resources are applied. Some of these practices are used only when the Network is congested; others are used more generally. During these times, congestion management practices will be applied first to the subscribers having already used more than 50% of the volume of traffic in his consumption profile (i.e. 20 GB), striving to treat traffic in a manner that minimizes adverse impacts on the user experience.