Eutelsat, 30 years of communications via satellite

  • 1983
    First transmission of a television signal from a European commercial communication satellite:
  • 1994    
    Start of the first digital transmissions in Europe
  • 1999
    Launching the first broadband Internet service
  • 2000
    First internet access service for  European individuals using satellite for downloads.
  • 2003
    Launching the first satellite (HOT BRID 13A) to use a Ka frequency band
  • 2004
    Launching HOT BIRD to give the first European chain TVHD used for demonstration
  • 2010
    Launching the KA-SAT satellite, the first one entirely dedicated to broadband internet
  • 2013
     Launching of Eutelsat, the first demonstration tele channel with ultra HD
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1977-1989 –  Detaching…

Eutelsat project appeared in the late 70s through the European ambition to develop a new industry, able to build, launch and operate satellites.

1990-2010 – To conquer Europe

In the 90s, the satellite television market developed with the transition of analogic television to digital providing the starting point for the launch of television packages within Europe. Then the distribution of channels in High Definition followed and, more recently, the first content transmissions in Ultra HD Format. Thanks to their coverage and their high capacity, the Eutelsat satellites provided the ideal infrastructure for the reception of this revolutionary audio-visual transmission.

Depuis 2010 –  Eutelsat European leader and global player

After 30 years of innovations, Eutelsat is one of the greatest commercial satellite operators in the world and the number one in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
Making use of a broadcasting capacity of over 31 satellites, Eutelsat serves more than 200 million households in 150 countries.

More than 400 television channels also broadcast their programs thanks to Eutelsat.


Eutelsat employs 750 people from 30 different countries and produced a turnover of 1 billion 220 million Euros in 2012.